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Urban Landscaping Aesthetic - The Mellon Initiative in Urban Landscape Studies at Dumbarton Oaks hosts a series of Midday The Problem of Nature and Aesthetics in Planting Design. Studies on landscape aesthetics have revealed two contrasting In the urban and regional planning, it still remains challengeable to construct  Humans receive multiple benefits from various landscapes that foster ecological services and aesthetic attractiveness In this study, a hybrid framework was proposed to evaluate ecological and aesthetic values of five landscape types in Houguanhu Region of central China Data from the public aesthetic survey and professional ecological assessment were converted into a two-dimensional coordinate system and distribution maps of landscape values Results showed that natural landscapes (ie water body and forest) contributed positively more to both aesthetic and ecological values than semi-natural and human-dominated landscapes (ie farmland and non-ecological land) The distribution maps of landscape values indicated that the aesthetic, ecological and integrated landscape values were significantly associated with landscape attributes and human activity intensity To combine aesthetic preferences with ecological services, the methods (ie field survey, landscape value coefficients, normalized method, a two-dim Combining Aesthetic with Ecological Values for Landscape Sustainability

They can add diversity to the urban landscape and can provide aesthetic features with a display of a wide variety of colors and textures for all  Attract birds, butterflies and other pollinators to your yard with native prairie plants

Spring Tree Walk: Trees for the Urban Landscape. Spring Tree Walk: Trees for the Urban Landscape pollutants, reducing stormwater runoff, and providing recreational and aesthetic benefits. For today's seasonal residents, high-end, urban-influenced landscape design is being combined with traditional Muskoka elements to 

Another Reason to Love Urban Green Space: It Fights Crime. Beyond the ecological and aesthetic benefits, these investments create a safer The analysis, published in the journal Landscape and Urban  A new body of evidence suggests that adding greenery in vacant or gray settings reduces criminal activity nearby. It is possible to mold stormwater basins into integrated components of the urban landscape in ways that provide aesthetic, recreational, maintenance, economic, . PhD Project - Reading resilient urban landscapes: Rethinking space, landscape and aesthetics in conditions of contestation at University of Birmingham, listed