Sample Home Design

Vintage Dining Room Bench - Complete your dining room set up with the elegant personality provided by this Oregon dining bench 42" wide x 20" deep x 32 1/2" high Weighs 30 lbs Seating  Quick coastal decor, beach style decorating tips and ideas from Lamps Plus design expert Lori Dennis. Combine it with a similar looking dining table and chairs to give your room a complete seating solution This Better Homes and Gardens bench is ideal for use in  Buy ... et […]

Small Living Room Seating - How to design a small living room with leather chairs with Modsy Design service Get 3 Ralph Lauren Styled room designs, extra seating and . Designing a small living room layout with a TV can be a challenge Benches and ottomans are great ways to add extra seating to your small  With game day and the Oscars just around the corner, you might be thinking about hosting a viewing party A great viewing party (of any ... et […]

Winter Garden Zone 9 - While much of the country is shoveling snow, Zone 9 Gardeners will still be shoveling dirt and compost in their very productive winter gardens Zone 9 Winters. The weather is mild in USDA plant hardiness zone 9, and gardeners can grow nearly any delicious vegetable without worry of hard winter  Because the growing season is longer than most areas of the country and you can plant nearly year round, establishing a zone 9 planting guide ... et […]

White Kitchen Minimalist - Stripping a certain space of its unnecessary things makes a room minimalist The ever classic black and white kitchen is the most popular color scheme for a  Stripping a certain space of its unnecessary things makes a room minimalist In most cases, this type of design is achieved when a house is new, when. When selecting your kitchen cabinet height, the right size will really depend on trend in modern kitchen design, showing up in previously ... et […]

Very Tiny Kitchen - So what if you have no room to expand and little money to spend? There are still ways to make your kitchen feel bigger and function better. Tiny Food made in a Tiny Kitchen by Tastemade Tiny Kitchen Big Dreams Tiny Kitchen now has it's very own YouTube Channel! SUBSCRIBE to follow the Tiny  So I've had to get creative to maximize my cooking space, and here's a world of difference in your tiny apartment kitchen, ... et […]

Victorian Home Interior Design - Unlike the 19th century when the workplace and home were often in the same building, the pattern in the Victorian period interior design was for homes and their  Victorian interior design specialists based in Bath helping hotel and homeowners create stunning Victorian interiors. That's where a local Victoria interior designer comes in A home decorator will help distill your tastes and ideas into a design that suits the needs of your space More Inspiring Home ... et […]